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December 2, 2005
      New data and graphics for 2006 season    
    In recognition of the great and growing importance of internet marketing to our business, we are making new data tables and product graphics immediately available to customers who develop their own ecommerce sites for MCM replacement parts. We are doing this even before we publish a new print catalog or update the static html catalog so you can hit the ground running with these new products as soon as the selling season begins.

We’ve added 63 new parts, including 21 burners and 16 heat plates — all exact-fit parts that can't be replaced by univesals! In addition, we took great pains this season to improve our brand & model information. We were able to add more than 600 records to this table and more than 6000 parts, including for the first time repair parts such as ignitors and knobs.

Both the two table set (item and b&m) and the relational tables are available now. Product graphics are provided in two different archives: a complete set and a set of just the new or revised illustrations. In addition, you can download:

    a pdf file of the 2006 new products flier  
    a pdf file of the 2006 price list  
      a data file of items prices and descriptions in either Excell or tab delimited test formats    

A link to these files can be found under the top item on the download page.

If you have any questions or need to report any problems, please contact Sam Rutherford at 615/255-4481 or samrutherford@musiccitymetals.net.

Thank you for your past efforts and good luck in the new season,
Music City Metals

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