Cooking Grids

Materials: Cooking grids are available in chrome coated steel wire, porcelain coated steel wire, stainless steel wire, and porcelain coated cast iron. We can replace many original cooking grids in a choice of materials, so you may want to check our listings for a possible upgrade to your original equipment. Porcelain coating makes grids more durable. Cast iron grids hold heat to make searing meat easier and, in some grills, help fight flare-ups.
Types: Most grids are rectangular. Some other shapes are available however. Click the illustration of grid types below to go to a list of available grids of that type.
Some grids are a single piece; others are sold as sets of two, three, or four pieces. The last digit in the part# indicates the number of pieces in the set.
Dimensions: Cooking grids grates ate listed from largest to smallest based on the front to back dimension. The front to back dimension (depth) is critical to cooking grid fit. As a general rule, a replacement grid must be within three sixteenths of an inch (0.1875”) of the original part’s depth  to fit. You should measure your grill to make sure the replacement grid will fit before buying a part with a front-to-back dimension different from the original part.
The width of a grid is much less critical. A replacement can be a few inches narrower than the original and still be useful.